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Why Social Media Presence is a Must for C-Level Executives in 2023 

People trust people more than companies — that’s why your brand and your C-level should be present on social media to build awareness and gain loyalty among your target audience (and exciting potential employees). When TV and print were the main communications channels, press releases and TV appearances were enough to get the attention of your audience. But now your organization needs more.  
  • Seeing a company’s team and leadership, and being aware of their thoughts and values, is an important factor in customers’ loyalty.  
  • Having the CEO participate in social media helps a company build and maintain media relations. A CEO’s message to a potential customer might also secure a deal that no sales team could ever get — just because people love the personal approach (especially when it comes to B2B).  
  • A social CEO enhances credibility in the market and is better at managing crises, because reports say people are more likely to trust a personal statement from a CEO than a general one on a company’s pages.  
  • A C-level that is active on social media gives a company a human face, but it also improves its internal image: a report says 73 per cent of employees globally expect their CEO to be communicating on social media. People feel like the social media presence of their leadership makes them more accessible and keeps a team connected. At the same time, four-fifths of investors use social media to make their investment decisions, and half of them look to social media to see what a company’s C-level is saying.  
  • Social media presence is crucial for C-level executives and founders of small businesses. While they might have small marketing budgets, they can’t afford to ignore the opportunity to tell their story to the world for free on social media. There’s no better way to secure media coverage and find partners, investors, and even clients.  
While it’s important to define a social media strategy for C-level executives, they still need to be themselves online. It’s ok – and even recommended – to share thoughts about books, family, and personal experiences to be more connected with employees and customers.

Keys to Successful C-Level Comms on Social Media: 

  1. Social media presence is crucial for C-level executives and founders of small businesses. It’s a free opportunity for PR and marketing communications. 
  1. Share your thoughts. Talk about the challenges you face managing a company and how you and your team solve problems. 
  1. Show the team, product, and work process. People love behind-the-scenes content.  
  1. Be yourself. Talk about what you care about, what you love about being an executive, and what is challenging for you.   
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Galya Matkovska

April 05 | 2023

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