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Offering a Forum for Real Conversations with Inspiring Women from Across Canada The Honest Talk

Digital Strategy, Web Development, Brand Development, Media Relations
Challenge The Honest Talk launched in 2020, committed to engaging in deeply honest conversations about the experiences, challenges, aspirations, and lessons shared by women entrepreneurs, business leaders, and community members. The hosts of the new podcast wanted to ensure that it reached its target audience and continued to grow over time.
Our Role Syntax developed The Honest Talk brand and its website, planning and executing all digital strategy related to the release of each podcast episode featuring some of Canada’s most remarkable women. In January 2023, our team executed the first in-person event hosted by The Honest Talk and attended by some of Canada’s most influential business leaders.
Impact Since its inception in early 2020, The Honest Talk has generated national media attention, secured RBC as its main sponsor, and engaged in conversations with dozens of this country’s most successful and respected female leaders. It has also hosted a sold-out live event on The Future of Women & Work, commissioning national polling which has informed the conversation about workplaces of the future. Syntax continues to work with The Honest Talk as it moves towards the launch of a digital platform for professional women.
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