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Communicating the Algonquins of Ontario's Path to Reconciliation Algonquins of Ontario

Strategic Communications, Media Relations, Design, Public Affairs
Challenge The Algonquins of Ontario are on a journey of survival, rebuilding, and self-sufficiency – a journey of reconciliation. This journey began nearly 250 years ago when the first Algonquin Petition was submitted to the Crown in 1772. Algonquins lived in present-day Ontario for thousands of years before Europeans arrived. Today, the AOO is comprised of 10 Algonquin communities. Based on a Protocol signed in 2004, these communities are working together to provide a unified approach to settle the Algonquin land claim.
Our Role Syntax has been working with the Algonquins of Ontario for more than 10 years, providing strategic communications counsel, media relations, design, public affairs, and facilitation services.
Impact The Algonquins of Ontario have increased their engagement with their communities, enhanced their media presence, and engaged their community more effectively on their path to reconciliation and the finalization of the land claim.
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