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The EmpowerHER Leadership Network was born from a conversation and partnership between Jennifer Stewart, President and CEO of Syntax Strategic, and Emily Gruenwoldt, CEO of Children’s Healthcare Canada, who saw the opportunity to support female leaders to grow their professional networks, explore how leadership roles and responsibilities are evolving, and create a safe space to learn new skills. The EmpowerHER Leadership Network will convene established health, media, and political leaders to share their experiences and insights on the following topics:

Are you an emerging or established female leader in healthcare interested in joining this network of like-minded peers? Apply for participation in this six-part virtual and in-person event series. A concluding celebration will be hosted in person in Ottawa (travel at your own expense). Registrants will have access to a members-only communications platform and Syntax Strategic ad hoc support.

Applications due:
March 1, 2024

*Once accepted into the EmpowerHER Leadership Network, a $250 participation fee is required.

In recognition of our commitment to inclusivity, EmpowerHER seeks to remove financial barriers that may pose challenges for participation. We want to assure applicants that, upon request, the EmpowerHER organization will consider bursaries for eligible applicants who are unable to cover the application fee. Our goal is to ensure equal opportunities for all candidates, regardless of financial circumstances.

Gain visibility among a targeted and influential audience of female healthcare leaders.

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